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Fingerprint Jewelry - Banner

Fingerprint Jewelry

Browse our collection of fingerprint jewelry for a piece that is truly unique. Whether you're searching for a handprint necklace or a thumbprint bracelet, we can make it for you.

Choose to have the fingerprint in black to really stand out, or more subtle in a lighter shade. With the option to add names and dates to the pendants, and with each item individually designed using your print, these pieces make for very special memorial jewelry.
Fingerprint Jewelry - Banner

Fingerprint jewelry is a unique accessory that captures the wearer's individuality. The dainty yet accurate thumb impression of a fingerprint necklace allows you to show the world your uniqueness with a deeply sentimental and one-of-a-kind keepsake that symbolizes connection, identity, and the bond between the loved ones. The fingerprint pendant carries a unique finger impression as a tangible reminder of a loved one's presence.

How to get a fingerprint for a jewelry piece right away?
You can use a high-resolution camera and take a pic of any fingerprint.
For better clarity, scan the fingerprint or take a picture of a finger impression from a document.
The clearer the image is, the better it will be engraved on the jewelry piece.
How do you make fingerprint jewelry?

Fingerprint jewelry is not unique but a sentimental accessory that helps you cherish all the goodness in life. If you want to create an heirloom fingerprint jewelry item with the finest quality, here is what you can do:

  • Find a fingerprint jewelry design that suits your aesthetics and complements your wardrobe.
  • Add all the necessary details on the page.
  • One of the most critical pieces of information is the fingerprint that needs to be engraved on the jewelry item.
  • You need to scan your fingerprint on your computer and upload it on the description page. Once all the requirements are met, our artisans start working on your jewelry.
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