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Different Types Of Earring Backs

Earrings can come in many different shapes and sizes. To decide what type of earring back you want a few things must be taken into consideration. Your personal style, the type and size of the earring you want to wear, and even the size of your earlobes can all affect exactly which type of earrings back you should wear. Luckily, you happen to be reading our article on the Different Types Of Earring Backs that can explain exactly that.

  1. Push Backs
    Push backs are the most common type earring back. Suited for stud earrings, the push back is a simple ball or piece with a hole in which slides the bar. There is no screwing or clipping with push backs, which are also known as a butterfly back. Friction prevents the bar from sliding out and keeps the earring in place.

  2. Screw Backs
    Screw backs are very similar to push backs. They are balls or ends that instead of being pushed onto the bar, need screwing in. This make the earring more secure and less likely to fall out. Screw backs can be a bit fiddlier than push backs though and take longer to put on.

  3. Latch Backs
    Latch backs are a more complex style of earring back. A wire is threaded through the ear and to hold it into place, it fits into a latch that opens and closes. Typically used for huggies or hoop style earrings, the latch back is a very secure type of earring back.

  4. Fish Hook
    Fish hook are so named because they resemble the hooks used to catch fish. A long and curved piece of metal threads through the piercing to hold the earring and the shapes keeps the earring from falling out. Fish hooks are generally used for pieces that dangle below the ear such as drops or dangles..

  5. Levers
    Levers are similar to fish hooks. A thing piece of metal is bent and threaded through the piercing to keep the earring in place, but as added security a lever backing clips in to create a full loop, similar to a keyring.

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